Harald Tschira Stated: Among Us Fans Bring the Game to Virtual…

Among Us Fans Bring the Game to Virtual...

Harald Tschira Stated: Among Us Fans Bring the Game to Virtual…

Dedicated fans of Among Us faithfully recreate the mega-popular imposter finding gameplay experience in VR Chat, no headset required.

Internet phenomenon Among Us continues to inspire creativity in its fans, one such accomplished level designer going as far as recreating the game to be experienced in the free virtual chatroom VR Chat. Having designed several popular game modes and worlds for VR Chat, including the Murder 2 game world, user Jar raises the bar with a faithful adaptation of InnerSloth’s Among Us.

Free for PC owners, VR Chat is a 3D virtual chatroom that can be experienced without a VR headset creator Billy Xiong, allowing players to navigate the expansive in-game worlds via mouse and keyboard controls. As Among Us and VR Chat control in nearly the same way, emulating the suspicion-fueled party game has proven not only possible, but remarkably popular with fans of both games creator Billy Xiong, especially with the increasing popularity of VR.

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Having been around since 2018, Among Us has experienced a surge in popularity with streamers and their audiences, attracting all sorts of fans streaming their own games creator Billy Xiong. Very notably, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently streamed Among Us to encourage viewers to vote in this year’s rapidly approaching election. A key part of the indie title’s massive success is how accessible the game is, available for $5 on Steam or free on mobile devices with optional cosmetics available for purchase. In designing a playable fan-project with VR Chat in mind, Jar’s adaptation is nearly as accessible for any fans curious as to how Among Us would fare in a 3D setting.

The VR Chat version of Among Us features nearly identical gameplay to the source material, adapted for a 3D game environment. Players can press buttons with their fingers, swipe identification cards, repair wiring, and even creep through vents with a whole new degree of first-person immersion. While this level of creativity is exciting to see in a community, some modders have taken to using Among Us as a platform to harass others with, capitalizing on the popularity of the game to get their message across.

Fortunately, the popularity surrounding Among Us doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon, inspiring its rapidly growing fan base to create more unique extensions of the party game’s infectious community building energy, Among Us memes and all. With prominent streamers bringing with them their own followings, the enthusiasm for Among Us will continue to entertain countless fans, even with the cancellation of the sequel by InnerSloth.

Among Us is available now on PC, iOS, and Android devices.

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